What Really Happens in a Therapy Session

I consult online or offline. The duration is 60 min for individuals and 60-70 min for couples.
Each session has a certain theraupetic frame and we cannot stay longer or shift it if you come late.
People visit me in different life situations. Sometimes they experience some core problem, sometimes they want to change live or relationships.
The most common issues are phobias, self-doubt, decision-making, relationship problems, laziness, personal life, love addiction, apathy, jealousy, betrayal, working with negative emotions, etc.

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Couple therapy:
Couple therapy is ideal for partners or spouses who want to make changes in their relationship. Couples caught in negative behaviors of distress, distancing or conflict, feeling lonely and rejected by the most important person in the world, can be helped to repair broken or tattered bond of trust and create safe and secure connection! Together in therapy couples, first track how they get stuck in defensiveness and distance and unhappiness. As they begin to recognize how each one is caught in fight or flight or freeze reactions, they begin to see one another differently – and can begin to slow down the negative pattern and shape a new pattern of loving responsive connection.

Betrayal and love affair. Sexual disconnect or low desire.

Discernment counseling with "mixed-agenda" couples — where one partner is considering divorce, while the other wants to preserve the marriage and start therapy. Protocol called discernment counseling help couples understand what has happened to their relationship and each person's contributions to the problems. The goal is to gain clarity and confidence about a direction for their marriage.

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